John Wood, Brick Makers, 248 Duke Street, Glasgow

1841John Wood – Brickmakers, 248 Duke Street, Glasgow. House 1 Tureen Street (page 263).

21/12/1844 – Glasgow Citizen – About 180,000 bricks for sale by a private bargain. The bricks in the brickfield occupied by the later Mr John Wood,  248 Duke Street, Glasgow are offered for sale by private bargain. Also the benefit of the current lease of said Brickfield. All persons having claims against the said John Wood, brickmaker and bricklayer, are requested to lodge the same, duly vouched without delay, in the hands of the subscriber.; and all debtors to Mr Wood are requested to make immediate payment of the sums due to the subscribers, as agent for Mrs Wood and executrix.  Andrew Gemmill, Writer. 19/12/1844, Glasgow.


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