Portland Colliery Brickworks, Crookedholm, Hurlford, Kilmarnock

Portland Colliery Brickworks, Crookedholm, Hurlford, Kilmarnock. Portland Ironworks owned the brickworks which lay on the other side of the Irvine River, on the site of Portland Colliery No 4 pit. The Ironworks started in 1846 and worked intermittently until taken over by the Eglinton Iron Company in 1864. Five blast furnaces worked until 1890. The Brickworks continued to make bricks until after 1900. Source Kenneth W Sanderson.

1856 – Map details a ‘coal pit’ at the location of the future Portland Brickworks.

Below – 1895 – Portland Brickworks.

1895 Portland brick works

1901 – Directory of Clayworkers – Portland Colliery Company Limited, Portland Colliery and Brickworks, Kilmarnock. Compositions and fire bricks. T. Address “Portland, Hurlford”. Tel:50 Kilmarnock exchange.

Below – 1908 – Portland Colliery Brickworks.

1938 – Map detailing the Portland Colliery but the brickworks are no longer marked.

Below  – Portland Colliery toll token – source

Portland token

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