Pinnacle Tile Works Ancrum, Jedburgh

Below – 09/02/1849 – Kelso Chronicle  – 350, 000 drain tiles for sale. Belonging to Messrs James and George Mitchell.

Below – 24/05/1850 – Kelso Chronicle – Drain tiles for sale. John Forsythe.

03/12/1852 – Kelso Chronicle – Pinnacle Farm, Parish of Ancrum to let………….Pinnacle is situated within a mile of Belses Station of the North British Railway. There is an excellent Tile Work on the Estate. A considerable portion of the land has been drained.

Below – 1859 – Pinnacle Tile Works, Ancrum, Jedburgh. (Not referenced on the 1897 map)

17/08/1860 – Kelso Chronicle – Tile Works for sale at Pinnacle. To be sold by private contract. The Kiln and extensive drying sheds at Pinnacle as lately occupied by Mr William Stevenson. For further particulars apply to J.B. Kerr, Kelso. with whom offers must be lodges on or before Friday 24th August 1860. Kelso 15/08/1860.

15/01/1876 – Jedburgh Gazette – Pinnacle Tile Works. A large stock of drain pipes on hand. Prices quoted by applying to Mr Thomas, Pinnacle, Ancrum, Jedburgh.

Below – 12/05/1881 – Southern Reporter. Pinnacle and Rawflat sale including the Pinnacle Tile Work fittings.

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