Belses Brick Kiln, Lilliesleaf, Melrose, Roxburghshire

Below – 1899 – Old Brick Kiln, Belses. (Not depicted on the 1859 map. It is still referenced on the 1918 map)

Below – Google maps aerial view of the old brick kiln location. ‘Red’ X marks the spot.

Below – Many thanks to Robert Bruce, Pinnacle Farm, Ancrum for the permission to photograph the location of this old kiln and to rummage around for some examples of drain tiles and brick.

23/10/2018 – The following photographs depict the site of the kiln and the likely claypit which has been cleaned and landscaped.



Below – The kiln was sited to the left of this photo.

Below- a selection of drainage tiles found around the old claypit when landscaping. These are in possession of Mr Bruce.

Below – A broken brick and 2 broken tiles found on site.  The tiles are approximately 2 3/4″ wide on the flat bottom and the same high. They are both distorted but the bore is around 2″.


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