Neil McMillan & Son, Brickmakers, 482 Paisley Street, Glasgow

21/05/1857 – Dundee Courier –  Scotch bankrupts – Applications for cessio bonorum – Neil McMillan, brick builder, 78 Muslin Street, Bridgeton of Glasgow ( note – SBH – possibly the same individual?)

09/06/1870 – Glasgow Evening Citizen – Dean of Guild Court – The following applications were granted –  Neil McMillan & Son etc Morris Place off Monteith Row, Glasgow to take down the front tenement already erected on part of piece of ground situated on the south side of Savoy Street, Bridgeton and erect a front tenement of dwelling houses on-site thereof.

1878 – Neil McMillan & Son, Brickmakers, 482 Paisley Street, Glasgow.

Neil McMillan’s son was James Wilson McMillan who was born in 1850. He emigrated to the USA around 1867 where he manufactured bricks at the Milledgeville Brickworks in Georgia. He was definitely in the USA by 1878 so the ‘& son’ referred to here is likely to be James’ brother Robert Wilson McMillan.

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