Mountmarle Tile and Brick Work, Roslin, Midlothian

Mountemarle Tile and Brick Work, Roslin, Edinburgh

09/10/1844 – The Scotsman  –  The tile and brick works at Mountmarle, near Roslin, will be let for such a period as may be agreed on, with entry immediately.  Besides the common clay, there is an inexhaustible supply of fire clay, of excellent quality; and machinery has been erected for bruising it.  The whole implements, moulds, &c., lately in use, maybe had at a valuation. Offers, either by a Lordship or a fixed rent, will be received till 1st November next; and for further particulars, an application may be made to the proprietor, at Hawthorndon; or to Mr Henderson, 110 George Street, Edinburgh.  4th October 1844.

Below – 04/03/1846 – The Scotsman – Mountmarle Brick and Tile Works for sale.

Below – 1852 – Mountemarle Farm ( Note – SBH – I assume the brickworks were in the region of this farm).

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