Millburn Brickwork, Ayr Road Station, Larkhall, South Lanarkshire

(Note – SBH – The brickworks and brick manufacturing companies in the Larkhall area is very confusing to sort out. There were many company name changes, changes of ownership and several sites involved. If anyone sees an issue with the information I have detailed then please let me know).

Below – 27/07/1871 – Millburn, Skelyton and Larkhall Collieries for sale. (Note – SBH – I am not sure if the brick references are for Millburn or Skellyton Colliery Brickworks.)

13/12/1872 – Edinburgh Gazette – The Copartnery of Thomas Wallace and Company, brick and tile manufacturers at Millburn Brick and Tile Work, and Machan Brick and Tile
Work, in the Parish of Dalserf, of which the Subscribers were sole Partners, was dissolved of mutual consent, on the 10th day of December 1872. The Subscriber, Thomas Wallace, will collect the debts and liquidate the liabilities of the Concern. Thomas Wallace, Chas Stewart, Andrew Elder, Solicitor, Hamilton, Witness David N Cross, Apprentice to the said Andrew Elder, Witness

Below – 18/04/1874 – Hamilton Advertiser – Composition bricks for sale – Millburn Brickworks.

1878 – Thomas Wallace and Co, brick and drain tile makers, Larkhall, Hamilton.


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