GR-Stein – Fire Brick Core Samples

The following fire brick core samples were rescued by Joan Faithfull in 2001 when the Manuel Firebrick and Refractory Works, Whitecross closed down. They were generously donated to my collection by Joan’s husband, Monty Faithfull and her son, John Faithfull.

Such core samples would be sent to the GR-Stein laboratories for tests and analysis. The ones below were simply kept for reference purposes.

Below – GR-Stein – Fire brick core samples.

Left to right

Spin KM         Spin MCP    Stein 60     Stein 60P          63D             Alro 80R

Hippo 65        Nettle DX    45D             Alcor 95 ASD   Fosterite    Nettle 42

Sill 55              Sill 66           Sill 70        Sill 85                 Sill G8        Alumag 5

Supermag A   Stein 84P    Stein 50     S/Mag GT          Ugly 80      Stein 80P (Note – SBH -Does anyone know what HIPPO and UGLY stand for !) (Perhaps Hippo stands for Hipperholme, West Yorkshire which is where one of the GR-Stein works was situated).

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