James B Smith, Brickmaker, 12 Waterloo Road, Glasgow

James B Smith, Brickmaker, 12 Waterloo Road, Glasgow.

1896 – 1897 – Jas B Smith – Brickmaker, 12 Waterloo Road, Glasgow and in the same year JB Smith are also agents for J Gregory & Co, Silica brick manufacturers, Deepcar nr Sheffield.

1905 – 1906  Gregory, Reddish & Co., Ltd., silica and maganite brick manfrs., Deepcar, near Sheffield; sole   agents, J. B. Smith & Co., 53 Waterloo street, Glasgow.

Below – 1923 – 1924 –  Gregory, Reddish & Co., Ltd. – J. B. Smith & Co., 53 Waterloo street, Glasgow.

1936 – Gregory, Reddish &  Co., Ltd., silica brick Manfrs., Deepcar, near Sheffield; agents, J.B. Smith & Co., 53 Waterloo street C.2.

1940 – 1941 –  J. B. Smith & Co,  28 Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow.

Stocksbridge Industry reference to Gregory and Reddish –  It was a later mill, also built as a cotton mill in 1794 on the former Stocks’ land, which Samuel Fox took over in 1842 and developed into the steelworks which brought prosperity to the district.  Initially he used the water power which had been running the nearby Hunshelf cornmill and the mills at Deepcar, but he soon learned to exploit the coal seams in that hillside as machines were developed which used steam power.

Other business were soon established here to utilise the clays discovered when testing for coal.  John Armitage founded tile and brick factories at Henholmes and Deepcar, Thomas Brookes left him to start his own pipeworks at Bracken Moor, Gregory and Reddish started an enterprise at the Clough, Deepcar.  Later William Brooke left his father’s works to set up another pipeworks at Pot House and John Grayson Lowood took over the former chemistry works at Deepcar for a ganister mine and refractory, producing a variety of bricks and basic industrial requirements


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