^ I H ^

Found by Steven Pattison in the Paisley area.

For long enough the manufacturer of this brick remained a mystery and it still does to an extent. From the letterhead below (Kindly supplied by Mike Chapman) it appears this is a product of Ibstock PLC.

Ibstock had many brickworks all over the UK. So was this particular stamp used on all of their brickworks or a particular one?

What do the arrows represent?

See also – Ibstock Scottish Brick Limited

See also this facebook page.

Below – Measures 8½” x 4″ x 2½”

Below – A similar brick with the ‘IH’ or ‘HI’  This brick is the same size as mine and the frog is the same too…..connected? Found by Jason Stott at Newhey, England.

Below – This was found by John Elliot on a shoreline near Cardiff, Wales. He is not sure, but there may be very faint arrows on this example too.

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