Howie or Hurlford water, drainage or sewer pipe

Found at Muirhouses Farm near the old Perceton Fire Clay Works, Perceton, Ayrshire.

This is a salt-glazed water, drainage or sewer pipe.

The pipe is marked with a capital ‘H’ within a circle.

Hurlford Fireclay Works, Galston Road, Hurlford, Ayrshire

I believe this either stands for Howie or Hurlford as per this mark.


Below – 25 3/4″ long x 7 1/2″ wide. The main collar measures 10″ wide and the branch collar measures  7 3/4″ wide.


Below – The following stamp is a slight variation on the ‘H’ above. Photographed by Hamish Fenton on the foreshore near West Shore Road, Granton, Edinburgh.





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