Gockston Brick and Tile Works, Inchinnan, Paisley, Renfrewshire

Below – 22/10/1864 – Huge chimney built for Mr Patrick Comyn McGregor at the Lonend Dye Works, Renfrewshire. William Pollock was the builder. Approximately 500,000 bricks were used. It is uncertain if Pollock used his own bricks or not.





1865 – 1866 – William Pollock, brick manufacturer and bricklayer – brick and lime yard, St James Street – House 25 Moss Street, Paisley.

1868 – 1869 – William Pollock, brick manufacturer and bricklayer – brick and lime yard and office, St James Street. Brickworks Gockston – House 25 Moss Street, Paisley

12/02/1870 – Paisley Herald and Renfrewshire Advertiser  –  Valuable Estate near Paisley for Sale – There will be sold by Public Roup within the George Hotel, Paisley on 03/03/1870. The lands of Gockston containing 34 1/2 acres imperial and situated in the Burgh of Paisley between the Greenock and Inchinnan Roads within 1 mile of the cross … It contains a valuable seam of clay similar to that wrought in the Lands of Shortroods adjoining and ready access to good roads and the proximity of the branch railway recently constructed offer unusual facilities for brick and tile making on an extensive scale. In addition, the property is supposed to contain ironstone, fireclay and other minerals. The lands are at present laid down in grass for which there is a great demand and there is a suitable dwelling house, garden and farm offices attached. The feu duty is only 14s 4d annually and there are no casualties of superiority. To induce the competition the upset price has been fixed at £7000.

1871 – 72 – William Pollock – Works Gockston, Paisley. Office 12 St James Street.

03/04/1874 – Glasgow Herald – Sale of brickwork and plant. Yesterday, Mr R Paterson, auctioneer, exposed for sale in the County Hotel the Gockston brickfields near the Greenock and Inchinnan Roads together with the whole working plant and utensils which are in operation. The land extends to 3 1/2 acres imperial measurement and it is stated that very little of the clay has been wrought. The plant including a brickmaking machine, engine, boiler, cutting table etc and the upset price was £1605. After considerable competition, the works and plant etc were purchased by Messers R Brown & Son for £2165.

Below – 15/08/1874 – Paisley Herald  – William Pollock, brick builder and contractor opens a new yard at 1 Hunter Street, Paisley. (He appears to have stopped manufacturing bricks as per the 03/04/1874 entry)

Below – 29/12/1875 – Gockston Brickwork to let. Apply to Robert Brown, Sneddon Bridge.

1878 – Robertson and Hillcoat, brick and drain tile makers, Gockston, Paisley.

22/11/1881 – Greenock Advertiser- A storm in Paisley – A considerable portion of the stalk vent at Gockston Brickworks was blown down.

1891 – 1892 – Robert Hillcoat, brickmaker and builder, West Gockston, Paisley. House West Gockston Cottage.

Below – 1897 – Gockston Brick and Tile Works? The works appear disused by 1912.

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