Gilmour & Co Kilmarnock

Found Seafield, Edinburgh

Bonnyton Fireclay Works, Kilmarnock, Ayrshire.

Stamped to both sides with the same brickmark.

White enamel glaze to 1 side.

Note the channels to the right and left of the frog. This is likely to assist the keying of the cement and strengthen the bond between the bricks.



Below – The same stamp on a brick and with the same channels but this brick also appears to have a double border to the frog on one side. This was found by Eddie McLean in the Glasgow area.


Below – the same brickmark on both sides of a brick without the channels to the left and right of the frog.


Below – the same mark on a brick with a variation to the frog, found in the Glasgow area by Michael Fallone. The brick is stamped to both sides.


Below – A similar stamp on 2 sections of garden edging as found by Ian Suddaby in the Ayrshire area.




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