Esk Bridge Brickworks bricks?

These unmarked bricks were found on the site of the old Esk Bridge Brickworks, Ellonville, Eskbank, Penicuik.

Very distinctive raised circular lugs.

There were quite a number of these lying on site.

It is entirely possible that these bricks are a product of the works.

The only other similar marked brick I have seen is a Cobbinshaw.


Below – A brick found on site that looked as if it was stamped but I think the marks within the frog are residual clay blobs.


Below – Smeaton fire bricks were found on site. A ‘white’ and ‘red’ example below. Note the reversed ‘N’ on the upper brick.

Below  – This brick was simply stamped with an ‘X’

Below – This partial brick was also found on site and I believe it should read ‘DENNIS’ after the owner John Dennis. The ‘N’s are reversed.

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