Dockfoot Tile Works, Dumfries

Below – 22/04/1865 – Dockfoot Tle Works, Dumfries. Fatal accident.


An accident of a most painful description happened
at the Dockfoot Tile-works, Dumfries, the property
of Mr Scott of Castledykes, on Tuesday afternoon.
Connected with the works there is a clay-mill driven
by a steam-engine.  The mill is situated in a portion
of the fixed buildings, and is close to the wall, while
outside of it is a fly-wheel with a tooth-and-pinion
wheel about 21/2 feet in diameter attached.  It works
in a smaller tooth-and -pinion wheel fixed upon a shaft
which drives the day mill.  The wheels are each about
four inches broad, and revolve at a very rapid rate.
The principle part of the duty of William Hamilton,
engine keeper, was to attend to this machinery and
oil it when necessary ; and whether he was engaged
doing so on Tuesday is not known, but he was caught
between tooth-and-pinion wheels alluded to, and
crushed to death.  How the accident occurred it is
impossible to tell.  John McFadzean, foreman of the
tile-works, was working at a brick machine near the
mill-house, and within a couple of yards of the place
where he saw Hamilton standing.  The latter was
then leaning over the drifting-shaft of the clay-mill,
with his face towards the foreman.  About half a
minute after seeing him in this position, McFazdean
looked up and saw Hamilton’s head projected from
between the tooth-and-pinion wheels on one side,
and his body on the other.  He instantly ran and
threw the engine out of gearing, but before the
machinery could be stopped the unfortunate man’s body,
and his chest and limbs were dreadfully crushed and mangled.
Death, of course, was instantaneous.  Deceased was
about twenty-five years of age, and unmarried.-
Dumfries Standard.



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