Cronberry Brick and Tile Work, Cumnock, East Ayrshire

15/09/1840 – Morning Post – Article about an 8-foot high giant kale plant growing on Cronberry farm … near to Mr Howatson’s Tilework in the parish of Auchinleck …

01/02/1844 – Ayr Advertiser – For sale by Public Roup – An eligible and compact estate in Ayrshire. The lands of Cronberry in the Parish of Auchinleck consisting of 1040 acres … these lands contain coal, fire clay and blackband ironstone besides an extensive field of common clay of a very superior quality used in the manufacture of pottery ware and draining tiles. There is a going tilework on the lands and the proposed mineral railway from Ayr to Muirkirk will run along the south side of the property for about 2 miles … The rental of the lands is £380 and of the tilework and house and land thereto attached £85 … Mr Howatson at Cronberry will give direction for the showing of the lands … Edinburgh 18/01/1844.

01/10/1844 – Ayr Observer – The Mains of Cronberry and Morton Moor Farm to let … There is a tilework on these lands, in full operation and lime and coal are to be had within a mile of the locus …

31/10/1844 – Ayr Advertiser – Tile and no tolls to pay. Cronberry Tilework, 3 miles from Cumnock. Tiles of all different sizes and of most superior quality are present being disposed of at Cronberry Tileworks, in the Parish of Auchinleck. Purchasers of tiles will be relieved of all tolls in going to and returning from the work.

Below – 21/04/1845 – Glasgow Herald – The lands of Cronberry in the Parish of Auchinleck consisting of 1040 acres are still for sale.

Below – 1857 – Cronberry Tileworks.

Below – 06/03/1861 – Glasgow Herald – Cronberry Brick and Tile Work for let. William Howatson occupier.  Apply to the Eglinton Iron Company, Lugar Ironworks …

20/09/1862 – Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald – James Morton begs leave to inform his friends and the public that he can supply tiles and bricks of the best quality from the Cronberry Tileworks on the shortest notice. As he has the railway into the works he can supply tiles and bricks to any station on the G & S Western Railway, at extremely moderate prices. Cronberry Tileworks, Auchinleck 19/09/1862.

18/04/1863 – Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald – On the afternoon of Saturday last a serious accident took place to James Gerrie, Commondyke, at Cronberry Tilework. He had been engaged moulding tile and while the machine was in motion he had incautiously put his hand into it to remove some obstruction, when it was drawn in, and his arm was so severely crushed that it required to be amputated, which was successfully done by Drs. Laurence and McGlashan, and he is progressing very favourably.

Below – 18/08/1869 – Glasgow Herald – Cronberry Brick and Tile Works to let. Apply to Mr Angus, Manager, Lugar Iron Works, Cumnock.

22/02/1873 – Ardrossan and Saltcoats Herald – Births. At Cronberry on the 13th isnt, the wife of Mr William McDougall, brick manufacturer, of a son.

10/07/1879 – Ayr Advertiser – Cronberry brick and tile work, Cumnock – Messrs Alexander Duncan & Sons, brick and tile manufacturers beg to intimate to the Public that they have removed from the brick and tile work, Auchinleck to more central and commodious works at Cronberry near Cumnock. From the extension of the works and the machinery being considerably supplemented and of the most approved construction for the manufacture of pipe tiles, barrel tiles, square paving tiles, common pressed bricks etc they are now in a position to execute with the utmost despatch all orders.  Price list on application.

1886 – Alexander Duncan and Sons, brick and tile manufacturers, Cronberry & Auchinlech, Old Cumnock. (Page 211).

22/05/1890 – Ayr Advertiser – On Tuesday morning a young man named Crawford, residing at Gaswater Rows, Cumnock committed suicide by drowning himself in the clayhole at Cronberry Tileworks. He had been observed to be a little peculiar for some time.

1893 – William Duncan and Sons, brickmaker, Lugar, Old Cumnock. (Note – SBH – This entry may relate to the Lugar Brickworks).

Below – 1897 – Cronberry Tileworks.

1901 – Directory of Clayworkers – John S. Duncan, Cronberry, Auchinleck, R. S. O., Ayrshire.

1903 – John S Duncan – Brick and Tile Maker, Cronberry, Cumnock.

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