Crater brick found in British Columbia, Canada

Found in Bamberton Cement Works, Vancouver Island,  British Columbia, Canada by Mark Lauckner.  – click me

As this brick has, as far as I am aware, not been found as yet in Scotland, I have had it shipped back to the homeland. Many thanks to Mark Lauckner for assisting with this.

CRATER GB – Atlas / Etna Works – 1880/1890 – 1970s

The Bricks of Bathville and Armadale: the Atlas, the Muir of Armadale, the Barbauchlaw, the Boghead and the Etna

Armadale has been a successful centre for the production of bricks, pipes and tiles, as well as other fireclay products.  Local fireclays achieved an international reputation for their consistency as well as their high alumina content for heat resistance.  By the 1970s, the fireclay industry declined so much that most Armadale works closed.  However, the Etna works survived to be taken over by GISCOL Ltd (The Glasgow Iron and Steel Company) in 1983.  In 1997, Caradale Traditional Brick Company was formed.


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