Calaburn Clay Field, Hawick, Roxburghshire

Below – 22/08/1851 – Kelso Chronicle – The Estate of Calaburn for sale. The Estate of Calaburn in the County of Roxburgh and Parish of Wilton, situated three miles from the thriving town of Hawick and extending to 94 acres or thereby, divided into suitable enclosures. There is a highly productive meadow on the property and also an abundance of good clay suitable for both brick and drain tile. For further information, an application may be made to the proprietor at Calaburn. 07/08/1851 (Note – I cannot find a reference to confirm whether this brickworks was ever started or could it also be the Stirches brick and tile works?)

Below – 19/03/1852 – Kelso Chronicle – Estate of Calaburn for sale … The Estate in the Parish of Wilton belonging to Mr Ramsay and extending to 94 acres, divided into enclosures and well-watered … It is capable of great improvement at a moderate rate now there is a capital Tile Work in full operation just at hand and the railway station at Hawick is only 3 miles distant.

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