Bryceland Brickfield, Gorbals, Glasgow

Bryceland Brickfield, Gorbals, Glasgow. (Note – SBH – I cannot see Bryceland Brickfield on a map. I may already have recorded it under another name. For clarification).

17/11/1845 – Glasgow Herald – Brickfield to be let. There will be let by public roup within the Burgh Court Hall, City Buildings, Wilson Street upon Wednesday 10th day of December next at one o’clock. The clay in a portion of the lands of Brycefield belonging to the Corporation of the City of Glasgow, for the purposes of a brickfield. The portion of the Lands to be let contains 7 acres and 17 polls imperial measure or thereby, and is bounded by the Turnpike Road from Glasgow to Pollocksbaws on the West, the Parish Road from Glasgow to Langside on the North and East, and the Street bounding the Feu of Mr Wm Dixon on the South. The articles of roup will be seen in the hands of the Town Clerks and for further particulars, an application may be made to the City Chamberlain. City Chambers, Glasgow. 15/11/1845.

Below – 20/09/1847 – Glasgow Herald – Patent brick moulding machine, clay waggons, spring barrows, planks, iron rails &c by auction. There will be sold by public roup at Messrs Allan & Mann’s Brickfield, Bryceland on the road leading to Pollockshaws and a short distance from the south end of Main Street, Gorbals on Wednesday 22nd September at two o’clock. One of Cooks patent brick moulding machines also 5 iron, wet clay waggons, 10 spring barrows and a quantity of planks and about 1000 years, rails with chairs and sleepers suitable for miners, quarries and others. The machine is in excellent order and the whole are to be disposed of in consequence of the operations of a railway company. May be viewed at anytime prior to sale. Jas. Hamilton, auctioneer, Glasgow. 16/09/1847.

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