Allan and Mann brick found on Cape Breton Island, Canada.

Professor Don Nerbas states – This Allan & Mann brick was discovered on Cape Breton Island by Amanda McNeil. It was found at the end of a sandbar (Dominion Beach) across from Lingan. The London-based General Mining Association operated a coal mine at Lingan from 1854 to the 1880s and shipped coal from Lingan Harbour during that period. The other image attached comes from Richard Brown’s The Coal Fields and Coal Trade of the Island of Cape Breton, published in 1871, and I have indicated on it roughly where the brick was found.

Allan & Mann, Port Eglinton, Glasgow.

Alternative brickworks include:

  • Rutherglen Pottery, Glasgow.
  • Mallsmire Works, Myrtle Park, Crosshill, Glasgow.

Below – Allan and Mann, Govan, Patent, Glasgow brick.


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