Blairdardie Brick and Tile Works, Yoker, Glasgow

Blairdardie Brick and Tile Works, Yoker, Glasgow. These appear to have been erected after c. 1916 when the Garscadden Brick and Tile Works closed. They were situated just East of the old Garscadden Works).

18/11/1924 – Edinburgh Gazette  … then west-wards along the north side of Canal for 20 lineal yards or thereby, thence southerly, crossing the Canal to meet the southwest boundary of Blairdardie Brick & Tile Works at a point 60 lineal yards or thereby south of the south bank of the Canal, and then following southwestwards the boundary of said Tile Works continuing across Garscadden Burn …

Below – 1914 – Blairdardie Brick and Tile Works were situated just a few yards East of the former Garscadden Brick and Tile Works. (Note – SBH – 1938 – Blairdardie Brick and Tile Works appear disused as they are not marked on the map).

(Below – 1894 – Garscadden Brick and Tile Works.)

15/07/1932 – Milngavie and Bearsden – At Dumbarton Sheriff Court, on Monday, a number of men were charged with having been found trespassing on the London and North Eastern Railway a short distance from Drumchapel Station. An agent for the Railway Company said they had had a lot of trouble with trespassers on the railway line recently, and doing damage to bogeys at Blairdardie Brickworks. One; of the accused said they were walking down a path, and it was the police who chased them onto the railway. Fines 5s with 5s expenses each or seven days’ imprisonment, were imposed.

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