Found in the Glasgow area by Eddie Mclean.

Note the linear markings to the brick. These are on both sides. Note also the unusual ‘B’ and the ‘TA’ letters are upside down, indeed the whole stamp probably is but it does not affect the ‘BE’.

A Millstone Grit and Fireclay pamphlet ltd, Herbertshire Works, Denny states:-

Alpha – 40 – 42% Alumina. Silica 53.2 %. High Duty Fire Brick.

Beta   – 38 – 40% Alumina. Silica 55.5 %. Medium Duty Fire Brick.

Beta L – For use in Ladles, Tundishes etc.

Alpha + –  42.1% Alumina. Silica 51.3 %. Super Duty Fire Brick.


Below – The same stamp without the upside down lettering. Photo sent in by Martyn Fretwell, England.

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