Barbauchlaw Brick Works, Armadale, West Lothian

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Barbauchlaw Brick Works, Armadale, West Lothian


C. 1880 – Robert Muir owned the Fireclay Works at Barbauchlaw.

Below – 1895 – Baurbauchlaw Brick works

Below – 03/11/1905 – Linlithgowshire Gazette –  Robert Muir & Co fined for employing 2 girls under the age of 16 years.

Below – 18/05/1906 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – 2 ex employees of the Baurbauchlaw Brick works die.

05/10/1906 – Linlithgowshire Gazette –  Robert Muir & Co of Armadale, Barbauchlaw and Boghead brick works are about to become mine owners, in so much as they are going to open a clay mine in the vicinity of their Barbauchlaw brick works at the East end of the town.

Below – 12/10/1906 – Linlithgowshire Gazette. Accident at the works.  Roof kiln collapse.

Below – 04/01/1907 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Engineer injured in an accident at Barbauchlaw Brick Works.

Below – 18/10/1907 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Robert Muir & Co, Barbauchlaw brick works  – readjustment of rates with regards clay removed from their clay mine.

Below  – 13/12/1907 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Barbauchlaw brick works clay miners idle for 2 days regarding wages issues.

15/06/1908 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – 8 boys aged between 14 an 17 years pleaded guilty to setting a clay hutch down an incline and destroying it at Barbauchlaw Brick Works. Each fined 2s 6d or 24 hours in jail.

Below – 13/11/1908 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Fire at Barbauchlaw Brick Works.

20/11/1908 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Barbauchlaw Brick Work which were brought to a stand still a week past last Sunday owing to fire having broken out in the engine room, have not been so long out of operation as was first expected. Pressure of business necessitated the hastening on of the necessary repairs with the result that the works were resumed on Monday.

11/06/1909 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Barbauchlaw Brick Work owned by Robert Muir & Co in dispute with the council regarding their share of the cost in re-laying a drain.

Below – 10/12/1909 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Barbauchlaw Brick Work modifying a road crossing following injury to a horse. Armadale Brick Works – also owing to the weather which prevents building and a build up of stock of their ‘red brick’ the manufacture of more brick has been suspended meantime. All hands are redeployed at Muirs Boghead and Barbauchlaw Works.

06/05/1910 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Barbauchlaw Brick Work owned by Robert Muir & Co were accused by the Council of allowing site rubbish to choke a marches drain. They stated they would recitify the problem.

Below – 02/06/1911 –  Linlithgowshire Gazette – Barbauchlaw Brick Work – man fined for cruelty after throwing a whippet down a mine shaft.

Below – 1913 – Baurbauchlaw Fire Clay works.

05/12/1913 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Assessment appeals – Mr John Wilson appeared in the interest of Robert Muir & Co, Barbauchlaw Brick Works against being assessed on teh full £119 0s 6d instead of one-forth. Provost Smith after a short discussion of the case promised Mr Wilson that the case would receive their attention  and that  the company would be advised of their finding.

Below- 02/02/1917  – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Robert Muir & Co, Barbauchlaw Brick Work  appeal to the war office regarding a brick kiln burner – Frank O’Neil.

Below – 14/06/1918 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Hearing regarding compensation claim from James Roberts who lost an eye while working at Barbauchlaw Brick Works.

25/05/1920 – Edinburgh Evening News – At  Barbauchlaw Brick Works, Armadale owned by Robert Muir & Co, yesterday afternoon, John Kerr, junior who was engaged watching a sieve machine was caught by the drive shaft and killed. Deceased was a son of the manager and was about 15 years of age.

Below – 27/02/1925 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Daniel Watson, brick works manager at Barbauchlaw was assaulted by Henry Peddie.

13/12/1930 – Dundee Courier – New Company – Robert Muir & Co (1930) Barbauchlaw Brick Works, Armadale to acquire the goodwill of the business of brick and tile manufacturers and coal masters now carried on by Robert Muir & Co Ltd (In liquidation) at Barbauchlaw Brick Works. Capital £4000 in £1 shares.

17/04/1931 –  Linlithgowshire Gazette – Robert Muir & Co, Barbauchlaw Brick Work are given permission to build new offices on site.

02/12/1931 – Falkirk Herald – West Lothian Industries – Promising Revival in Brickmaking and Hosiery.

……….Another brick works at Barbauchlaw, Armadale, belonging to Robert Muir & Co (1930). Ltd., have also doubled their output and business has been much better during the past five weeks.  They chiefly export bricks to Canada, South Africa, and India.  The employees are working extra time, and the output has been greatly facilitated by the installation of new plant.  ……….

Below – 1938 – Barbauchlaw Fire Clay Works

Below – 09/05/1941 – Linlithgowshire Gazette – Robert Muir & Co, Barbauchlaw Brick Work fined for allowing a light to shine from their engine winding house.


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