Found in the Glasgow area.

Daniel Rankine Adam and Robert Adam had a partnership and had brickworks at Belvidere, Glasgow and Love Street, Paisley and Inkerman, Paisley and Pollok (ck) Corkerhill, Glasgow and Nitshill, Glasgow and Rutherglen, Glasgow.




Below – Found at Kennishead, Glasgow, originally by DM.

There is no known maker of a MADA marked brick. However I do believe this is ADAM backwards. If it were MADA the ‘D’ would be back to front but if it is ADAM in reverse then it is facing the ‘correct’ way.

So was this a business tactic or gimmick – advertising or a disgruntled employee or a genuine mistake…. a good few have now been seen at several locations so if it was a mistake then it went unnoticed for a good while!

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