Abronhill Fireclay Mine, Castlecary, North Lanarkshire

Abronhill Fireclay Mine, Castlecary. The fireclays were leased to Robert Miller in 1883, who started to work the fireclays by drift mines on the east side of the Glenvault Valley, and south of the Caledonian Railway. At least 7 mines were driven into the fireclays in 2 levels. The upper level contained about 10 feet of fireclay, while 8/10 feet lower down another 6 feet of fireclay was worked. George Turnbull of Bonnymuir Fireclay Works took over the leasehold about 1887 but he died in 1889 and little further mining was done. The mines were closed in 1899. – Kenneth Sanderson.

1878 – James Miller and Co, brick and tile makers, Abron Hills, Cumbernauld. (Note – SBH – Does the 1878 and 1893 entries infer there were also brickworks at this location?)

1893 – Miller and Sons, brick and tile manufacturers, Abrons Hills, Cumbernauld.

Below – 1913 – Abronhill Fireclay Mine

26/02/1916 – Hamilton Advertiser – Auction – At Abronhill, Cumbernauld. Plant and machinery belonging to the Glenvault and Campsie Fireclay Lime and Coal Co Ltd – in liquidation.

Below – 1946 – Abronhill Fireclay Mine.

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