Whinnyrigg Tileworks, Annan, Dumfriesshire

Whinnyrigg Tileworks, Annan, Dumfries aka Shawhills Tileworks; Sandhills aka Whynnyrigg.


Below – 19/08/1846 – Dumfries and Galloway Standard. Whinny Rig Tileworks.

1848 – 1858 – ScotlandsPlaces – A large “Tilework” on the “Whinny rig” farm occupying a considerable number of hands. It is worked by Mr John Thomson and on the property of Mr Halliday – Devonshire.

19/09/1851 – Montrose, Arbroath and Brechin Review – Scots Bankrupts – Sequestrations  – William Thomson, tile manufacturer at Whinnyrig near Annan.

17/10/1851 – Edinburgh Gazette – Sequestration of William Thomson, some time of Pleasance, now residing at Clerkhill, near Dumfries, Tile Manufacturer at Whinnyrig, near Annan, and Dealer in Railway and other Shares in Dumfries. John Symons, Writer in Dumfries, has been elected Trustee on the estate; and John Brand, Writer in Annan, Thomas Hairstens McGowan, Writer in Dumfries, and Thomas Jackson, Clothier in Dumfries, have been elected Commissioners. The examination of the Bankrupt will take place in the Sheriff-Court-House, Dumfries, on Tuesday the 28th day of October current, at one o’clock afternoon. The Creditors will meet in the King’s Arms Inn, Dumfries, on Saturday the 15th day of November next, at 12 o’clock noon. Dumfries, 15/10/1851

Below17/12/1851 – Dumfries and Galloway Standard – Whinnyrigg Tileworks – The Lease of these well-known works current for Five Years from Candlemas 1852, is to be Sold by Tender. The works are situated about a mile south of the Burgh of Annan, in the centre of a district where extensive draining operations are in progress, in consequence of which there is an immediate and increasing demand for the tiles at the Works as made. The implements belonging to the tenant may be had at a valuation. Particulars as to royalty payable to the proprietor, extent of sales, &c., may be learned on application to John Symons, Writer in Dumfries, by whom written offers will be received up to the 15th of January, 1852. Dumfries, 15th Dec 1851.


Below – 1857 – Whinnyrigg Tileworks. The works are disused by 1898.

28/08/1863 – Carlisle Journal – The proposed Railway is to commence at the Kirtlebridge Station of the Caledonian Railway  … The Whinnyrig Tile and Brick Works which will be connected with the line by a short branch will also yield a considerable amount of traffic. During the past year upwards of 1000 tons of tiles were supplied to 1 farm alone, which would have been transported along the line if it had been in existence.

1867 – John Jackson, brick and tile maker, Solway Lane, Annan.

11/01/1867 – Carlisle Journal – Whinnyrig Tile and Brick Works, Annan – Samples can be seen at the Carlisle Sands Auction Mart, where prices and particulars can be obtained from Agent John Robinson, late Kirkup and Robinson, auctioneer, 5 Chapel Street, Carlisle.

20/04/1872 – The Scotsman – Tile burner wanted immediately. Apply to John Jackson, Whinnyrig Tile and Brick Works, Annan

05/12/1873 – Annandale Observer – Solway Junction Railway V Mr John Jackson, Shawhill, Annan tenant of the brickworks and clayfield at Whinnyrigg near Annan … The pursuers seek to interdict the respondents from assessing or taking any steps towards the assessment under the Lands Clauses Consolidation (Scotland) Act 1845 of the compensation claimed by Mr Jackson from the complainers in respect of clay alleged to be permanently covered by the complainer’s line of railway since its construction and detour for access to clay on the west side of the line … The complainers maintain that Mr Jackson had no right or interest in the land in respect of which he claims and Mr Jackson says that the land taken by the complainers for the formation of their railway is part of the Estate of Whinnyrigg, the clay in which is let to him and that in the year 1864 when the complainers took possession of the land in question, he being in possession and engaged in the working out of the clay therein, under and by virtue of a lease produced, is entitled to have the note of suspension and interdict refused with expenses … His lordship finds it sufficiently instructed the teh respondent had under his lease, granted to him by the Rev Walter Stevenson Halliday, dated 19/11/1859 and 11/03/1861, an interest in the whole common clay in the lands of Whinnyrigg which belonged to Mr Halliday and that according to the true construction of the lease, having regard to the circumstances in which it was entered into, the lands of Whinnyrigg, therein mentioned, embraced and must be held to embrace the lands through which the suspenders railway passed … He finds in favour of the respondent, Mr Jackson …

Below – 1882 – Advert John Jackson, Whinnyrigg Brick and Tile Works.


29/12/1882 – Annandale Observer – Whinnyrigg Tileworks. These works are at present well stocked with draining pipes of all sizes which can be delivered at any station. Terms on applications at the works.

16/03/1883 – Annandale Observer – Whinnyrigg Tileworks. These works will be carried on as formerly by the trustees of the late John Jackson, under the management of the deceased’s son, Marshall Jackson. The Trustees hope, by a strict attention to business, to merit a continuance of the favours liberally bestowed upon the late Mr Jackson. Whinnyrigg Tileworks, Annan, February 28, 1883.

10/05/1885 – Annandale Observer – Draining tiles now on hand. All sizes of above, of this seasons making. Whinnyrigg Tileworks.

Below – 1886  and 1889 – Advert John Jackson, Whynnyrigg Brick and Tile Works.

Below – 05/10/1892 – Glasgow Herald – Breach of the Factories Act – In the Dumfries Sheriff Court yesterday, Marshall Jackson, brickmaker, Annan, was fined £1 with 12s 6d expenses for breach of the Factories Act. The offence was only a technical one – a lad of 18 years of age having been kept a short time after two o’clock pm on a Saturday but the Sheriff said the legislation in its wisdom had laid down a hard and fast rule and the penalty must be imposed.

09/12/1892 – Annandale Observer and advertiser.  Whinnyrigg Tile and Brick Works – For sale over 100,000 second-hand bricks good for inside building at 20/- per thousand. Also a number of 3/4 bricks suitable for the same purpose at 4/- per cartload. All at works. Marshall Jackson, Annan.

29/12/1893 – Annandale Observer – Whinnyrigg Tileworks, The remaining stock of tiles of about 110,000 consisting of 2, 2 1/2, 3 and 3 inch are now offered for sale. A few light burned 2 1/2 inch will be offered very cheap to clear out. Also, a long-bodied cart (Maybole make) equal to new. For prices apply to Jas Ballantyne, commission agent, Annan.

Below – 20/01/1893 – Annandale Observer – Displenishing sale of Whinnyrigg Brick and Tile Work and tilework plant.