Westfield Brickworks, Westfield, West Lothian

Westfield Brickworks, Westfield, West Lothian.

(Note  – SBH – So where exactly were these works situated? There is a suggestion that they were located on the same site as the Craigrigg Brickworks but references below seem to suggest they were situated at Westfield village).

04/08/1961 – West Lothian Courier – Westfield man fined for theft … he was a smallholder at Westfield … and was employed at the brickworks … (Note – SBH – I have included this entry as it may refer to the Westfield Brickworks and tells us they were in operation in 1961).

17/11/1967 – West Lothian Courier – A letter of complaint from a resident of Westfield stating that the Westfield Paper co, clay mine and brickworks were all paying heavy taxes to the West Lothian County Council …

16/02/1973 – West Lothian Courier – Killed on first day. A young Armadale man died in a work accident on Saturday morning on his first day at his new job. The man, 24-year-old James Gallagher, 30 St Paul’s Drive, Armadale, was killed when a portable conveyor belt toppled over and struck him on the head and shoulders. He was assisting in moving the belt when the accident happened in the yard of the Westfield Brick Co., Ltd., Westfield. The dead man had earlier been made redundant at one of the other brickworks in the area and began his new job only that morning. The oldest of the family of six boys and three girls of Mr and Mrs Pat Gallaher, 58 Temple Avenue, Armadale. James is survived by his 18 year-old wife, Linda and 10-month old daughter, Amanda. (Note – SBH – It is believed Jim Gallagher previously worked at the Barbauchlaw Brickworks).

30/11/1973 – West Lothian Courier – Sale by warrant of the Sheriff within Armadale, West Lothian (Westfield Brick Company), on 7th December 1973 at 1.45 pm, 2 Bradley & Craven brick machines. Gray & Donald, 225 8381.

25/01/1974 – West Lothian Courier – Ground for sale. Westfield Brickworks Company Limited.  For sale – In Westfield Village off the main Linlithgow/Armadale Road, brickworks presently owned by The Westfield Brick Work Company Limited and including plant for making brick. The area of ground in which the brickworks is situated extends to 10.347 acres or thereby and could be utilised for other commercial purposes. To view telephone Mr William Grant at Avonbridge 287. Further particulars from and offers to McLean & Stewart, Solicitors, 51-53 High Street, Dunblane. Telephone Dunblane 3217/8.

04/07/1975 – Edinburgh Gazette – Westfield Brick Company Limited. A petition was presented on 19th June 1975 to the Court of Session by the Right Honourable Ronald King Murray, Q.C.Her Majesty’s Advocate acting on behalf of Her Majesty’sCommissioners of Customs & Excise craving the Court inter aliato order that Westfield Brick Company Limited incorporated under the Companies Acts and having its registered office at Westfield, Bathgate, West Lothian be wound up by the Court under the provisions of the Companies Act 1948 and to appoint Peter Cranbourne Taylor, Chartered Accountant, 25 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh or such other person as the Court might think fit to be official liquidator of the said Westfield Brick Co. Limited; and to make such other orders as might be necessary for the winding up of the said Westfield Brick Co. Limited on which Petition the Honourable. Lord Keith on 24th June 1975 pronounced an Interlocutor in the following terms:
“24th June 1975. Lord Keith—The Lord Ordinary having considered the Petition and proceedings no answers having been lodged orders that Westfield Brick Co. Limited, Westfield,
Bathgate, West Lothian be wound up by the Court under the provisions of the Companies Act 1948; nominates and appoints Peter Cranbourne Taylor, C.A., 25 Abercromby Place, Edinburgh to be official liquidator of said company he always finding caution before extract; limits the amount of caution to the sum of £8,500 Sterling; authorises the Clerk of Court to accept as sufficient a bond for that amount by Scottish Union and National Insurance Co. and decerns; appoints intimation of this order to be made in terms of Rule of Court 205; finds the petitioners entitled to the expenses of and incidental to the application and remits the account thereof when lodged to the Auditor of Court for taxation; directs said expenses to be expenses in the liquidation.” “H. S. Keith.” Of all which intimation is hereby given. D. L K. Macleod, W.S., 16 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh, EH2 4YS. Solicitor for Petitioner.

24/02/1978 – West Lothian Courier – … application is being made to the District Council of West Lothian by William Grant (Haulage) Ltd, for planning permission in respect of a change of use from brickworks to haulage contractor’s yard, garage, engineering shop and preparation yard, storage and warehousing …

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