Tuileries Bourguignonnes De Chagny

Found in France and kindly donated by Brian Wardell.

Tuileries Bourguignonnes De Chagny.

Below source – The two Chagny units are located in a centuries-old traditional tile producing area in the heart of Burgundy.

The TERREAL 1 plant (also known as Chagny I or Chagny Ville) is in the heart of the town and has been there since 1881. The TERREAL 2 plant (also known as Chagny 2 or Chagny Forest) was built in 2007 to strengthen our position on the tile market in the north.

Some dates

1881: Foundation of Tuileries Bourguignonnes in Chagny by Henry Contet (Comptet), Druard and Meulin.

1909: Creation of Tuiles Lambert and Lambert Céramique.

1990: Creation of two new tile production lines, U5, currently Chagny 1.

1991 Creation of Industrielle de Tuiles, management holding company to consolidate the results of the three companies Tuiles Lambert, TBF and Guiraud Frères.

1996: Entry into the Saint-Gobain Group.

2002: Creation of Saint-Gobain Terreal through the merger of three companies.

2003: The company leaves Saint-Gobain and becomes the TERREAL Group.

2007: Construction of a second tile production plant in Chagny, TERREAL 2, for an investment of € 85 million, with two tile and accessory production lines, U6 and U7.

Site director: Jean-Sébastien BESSET.

Chagny I or Chagny Ville

The site consists of two tile production lines mainly for Grand Moules du Nord tiles (large format tiles for northern France). The clay is extracted from the Chagny 2 quarry located 5 km away.

Chagny 2 or Chagny Forêt

Built in 2007, the site represents the largest industrial investment made by the Terreal Group (€ 85 million). This ultra-modern plant is fully automated and robotized, from the preparation of the clays to palletizing. It produces two types of mechanical tiles (Volnay and Giverny) and their 60 accessories in 10 colours.



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