Refractaire Superieur

Found by Andrew Wood in Dunfermline.

Unidentified manufacturer.

It is marked with 2 stars and the words Refractaire Superieur which translates to ‘refractory superior’ = first-class fire brick. When subjected to oblique sunlight the middle mark looks like a ‘6’ but this could well be wrong.

It may have been manufactured in France and exported to Scotland but you would imagine there would be a makers name or at least a trademark stamp.

The theory is it is another example of a brick manufactured in Scotland for a French-speaking market, possibly Canada. Scotland exported millions of fire bricks to Canada.

Below – The stars may suggest it is a product of the Glenboig Star Works who used the star as a trademark.

Below – Indeed the Glenboig Union Fireclay Company manufactured other bricks stamped in Spanish and destined for any Spanish speaking country. This appears to be a great manufacturing ploy.

Below – So to did the John Gilchrist Stein,  Castlecary Works (J.G Stein actually bought over the Glenboig Works so these Spanish marked bricks may have been made during Stein’s reign over the Glenboig name).

Below – The stamp is oval on this mystery brick. The Bonnybridge Silica and Fireclay Co Ltd were known to use a similar shaped stamp and they too exported fire bricks all over the world.

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