Refractaire Superieur

Found by Andrew Wood in Dunfermline.

Unidentified manufacturer.

It is marked with 2 stars and the words Refractaire Superieur which translates to Refractory superior = first class fire brick. When subjected to oblique sunlight the middle mark look like a ‘6’ but this could well be wrong.

It may have been manufactured in France and exported to Scotland but you would imagine their would be a makers name or at least a trade mark stamp.

The theory is it is another example of a brick manufactured in Scotland for a French speaking market, possibly Canada. Scotland exported millions of fire bricks to Canada.

Below – The stars may suggest it is a product of the Glenboig Star Works who used the star as a trademark.

Below – Indeed the Glenboig Union Fireclay Company manufactured other bricks stamped in Spanish and destined for any Spanish speaking country. This appears to be a great manufacturing ply.

Below – So to did the John Gilchrist Stein,  Castlecary Works ( J.G Stein actually bought over  the Glenboig Works so these Spanish marked bricks may have been made during Steins reign over the Glenboig name)

Below – The stamp is oval on this mystery brick. The Bonnybridge Silica and Fireclay Co Ltd were known to use a similar shaped stamp and they too exported fire bricks all over the world.

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