Supports for drainage pipes

Found at Perceton Fire Clay Works, Perceton, Ayrshire.

These supports are not marked however all the marked products found at Perceton have been made there so I believe this will also be a J & M Craig product.

They may have supported the drainage pipes during firing or perhaps they are used to support the pipes during laying.

J & M Craig, Perceton Fireclay Works, Dreghorn, Ayrshire


Below – 3 Drainage pipe supports. They are salt-glazed and measure 5 3/4″  long x 3 1/8″ high x 1 3/4″ wide.


Below – 1 Drainage pipe support. It is salt glazed and measures 8 1/2″ long x  5 1/4″ high x 2 3/8 ” wide.



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