Steetley Bricks

Found near High Blantyre.

In 1981, Steetley Ltd (An English firm) bought over the Etna brickworks, West Lothian from United Fireclay Products. Steetley changed the West Works into a facing brick works and later sold the works to GISCOL.

It is uncertain if these Steetley bricks were manufactured in Scotland or England.  No Steeley stamped bricks have been found on the old Etna Brickworks site which is still available to search (09/01/2020)




Below – The following Steetley bricks were found by Ian Suddaby in the Portobello area. Its is believed the stamps may indicate the works and the date they were made.

Below – HU 4 45 5 C

Below – HU 4 37 4 D

Below – HU 4 45 2 X

Below – HU 4 45 4 X

Below – The four bricks above are all cored. 10 holes.

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