Silacene 12

Found by Eddie McLean in the Kirkintilloch, Glasgow area.

(Note – SBH – This trade name appears to be English and presumably manufactured by Thomas Gray in England, however, due to its find location I have created a page for it meantime in case there is indeed a Scottish connection that I am as yet, not aware of. Any information will be gratefully received).

Below – June 1948 – United States Patent Office – Silacene etc and design. Registered 21/06/1927. Thomas E Gray & Co Ltd, London, England. Renewed 21/06/1947 to Thomas E Gray and Company Limited, Kettering, England, a British company. Gannister. Class 12.


Silacene – Siliceous clay is blended with sand and other materials to make silacene, used for lining ladles and furnaces. Manufactured by Thomas E Gray & Co Ltd, Kettering, England.

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