No 1 B & W WH

Found by Jamie Macvie on a rubble track on a coastal site in Orkney.

This example is not in my possession.

The manufacturer of this brick is unknown.

The find location would suggest Scottish origins but …

The brick is broken on the right-hand side so the ‘WH’ may not be a complete mark. This could represent the manufacturer or another customer.

Below – The shape of the brick is very similar to that depicted in a John Stein catalogue dated 1932. The brick 2nd down on the right is very similar in shape and was designed for use in a boiler.

The ‘BW’ is likely to stand for Babcock and Wilcox.

Babcock and Wilcox history.

1881 – Nathaniel Pratt, who would be B&W’s second president, opens the company’s first non-U.S. office in Glasgow, Scotland.

1922 – The first engineered refractory brick – B & W 80 Firebrick – is manufactured for the commercial market and proves invaluable in the furnaces of petroleum, chemical, glass and steelmaking industries. ( Note – SBH – I don’t know who or where these were made).

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