Scottish bricks found in Santa Cruz, California, USA

During Spring, 2013, a group of UCSC students under the direction of Pat Paramoure, UCSC Archaeological Consultant, excavated in the work area between The Cooperage and Kilns at the Bay Street Kilns at the entrance to campus.
… In the 1880s Californians actually found it cheaper to purchase English (British) firebricks that had travelled by ship around Cape Horn than to buy locally made firebricks. English firebricks cost about $35 per 1000 while the home product cost $5 to $10 dollars more. On board ship, the cargo doubled as ballast.
The Californian firebrick industry began in the 1870s but it was not until after 1910 that Californian production exceeded imports. The importation of European firebricks in the USA ceased in 1914 with the beginning of WW1 … Source Lime Kiln Legacies. The History of the Lime Industry in Santa Cruz County.
The following Scottish bricks were unearthed

Bourtreehill, Irvine


Cardowan Patent


Garnkirk Patent




Patent R Brown Paisley – Robert Brown & Son, Ferguslie Fireclay Works and Caledonian Brick and Tile Works, Paisley.

Scottish bricks found at Santa Cruz

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