Scottish bricks found in Crotty, Tasmania

Found by friends of Neil Halliday in Crotty on the west coast of Tasmania.

Crotty was abandoned and flooded in the ’90s after the damming of the King River in the ’80s during the hydro push in Tasmania. The only reason they can be found is due to the severe water shortage in Lake Burbury which is currently at less than 20% capacity and the ruins of the old township are now visible.
Even though the bricks have no burning they were more than likely used in the smelter that was in the town for the Mount Lyell mine in Queenstown.


Below – Stein Works JGS Scotland brick.

Stein Works JGS Scotland found in Crotty on the west coast of Tasmania

Below – Bonnybridge with thumbprint

bonnybridge crotty tasmania

Below – Stein

Stein crotty tasmania

Below – Glenyards

glenyards crotty tasmania

Below – Smelter at Mount Lyell mine, Crotty, Tasmania – source

Smelter Cotty Tasmania

Below – A further – ‘Stein Works Scotland’ brick found at the same location by Kade Parker.

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