?Salin? ?Patt?

Found on Firth of Forth, Bo’ness

Unidentified maker

Salin?  Patt?

Find location suggests Scottish origins but…..

Any ideas. Here are a couple of possibilities below.

I have a brick donated by an American friend marked Mexico Salinas.

Also, the Kier Fire Brick Company operated out of Salina, Pennsylvania. So could this brick be American and stamped ‘Salina’ Could the first 2 letters of the second line ie ‘PA’ represent Pennsylvania?


Thanks to Charles Niven who has pointed out that there is a place called Saline, North west of Dunfermline, Fife.  This is virtually directly across the Firth of Forth from the find site. It would be unusual to have the place name above the makers name so PATT is unlikely to be the maker.

Charles also suggests ‘ Saline Pattern’

However, I still cannot confirm a maker so a mystery brickmark it remains for the time being.