Rype? Scotland brick found in Ontario, Canada

This brick was found by nine-year-old Hayden Callahan in Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. This is a fantastic example as I am unaware of any brick with a similar stamp being found.

The manufacturer is unknown but what can be seen of the stamp would suggest it was manufactured in Scotland.

Hayden’s mum, Kelly Crossman states – This was found on the site of a new house build. We bought the property back in the summer (2020), it is deemed agricultural land but the trees are all mature so it may have been a farm at some point. We also discovered a couple of dug wells on the property so maybe a house was there at one point. We would estimate this broken brick was found about 3-4 feet underground in the soil.

Below – The top line may be missing 1 or 2 letters at the end. The stamp appears to read ‘RYPE?’ This would likely be a trademark as opposed to a company name.
The bottom line appears to say ‘SCOTLAND’




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