Reichmann Glasgow

Found Gartliston Works, Glenboig.

I believe it was made for Reichmann & Co, Glasgow by P & M Hurll and the customer’s name was added to the brick.

Note the crossed hammer symbol which I assume represents an iron foundry but there is also this German reference which fits with the Reichmann name – “The employees still wear the old garb indicative of their position as white-collar mine workers; a short black jacket with much fringe and some gold decorations, with buttons marked by the crossed hammers, the emblem of mining throughout Germany” – page 240

Note the thumbprint to top right.

Garnqueen Fireclay Works, Glenboig, Lanarkshire

Alternative brickworks include:

  • Gartliston Fireclay Works, Glenboig, Lanarkshire.

Building bricks at Garscadden Works, Drumchapel.






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