Old Aberdeen Brick Kilns, Aberdeen

Old Aberdeen brick kilns, Aberdeen – To be read in conjunction with the Seaton Brick and Tile Co).

Nothing is now visible of this brickworks, and its site lies in an area that has been landscaped as a golf course. The works are first depicted on the 1st edition of the OS 6-inch map (Aberdeenshire, 1869, sheet lxxv) and they were still roofed at the end of the 19th century (1902, sheet lxx.NE).


27/04/1803 – Aberdeen Press and Journal –  Bricks and tiles – The advance price of labour and every kind of material renders it necessary for the makers of brick and tile in New and Old Aberdeen, to make a small rise on their prices, which in future will be – Bricks per 1000 deliverable in Aberdeen £1 10s and tiles per 1000 deliverable in Aberdeen £3 15s.

Below – 03/02/1808 – Aberdeen Press and Journal – Alexander Smith, ironmonger moves from Netherkirkgate to the shop in Castle Street lately possessed by Mr Robert Caie … Alexander Smith continues to receive orders for Peter Nicholl and Company’s Brickwork, Old Aberdeen, as formerly.

1825 – 1826 – George Allan, Brick and Tile Maker, Old Aberdeen.

Peter Nicol, Brick and Tile Maker, Old Aberdeen.

1837 – George Allan, brick and tile maker, The Links, Aberdeen. (P181).

03/08/1852 – Stonehaven Journal – Royal Northern Agricultural Society – The Aberdeen Brick and Tile Co and Messrs Nicol and Co, Seaton had a variety of drain pipes and tiles on the ground. (Note – SBH – I am not certain that this relates to the Old Aberdeen establishment but I have added it here so it is recorded).

Below – 1869 – Brick Kilns, Old Aberdeen (To the right of the Seaton Works so are both these Works one of the same or were they operated separately?).

1869 Seaton brick and Tile works AND the Brick Kilns, Old Aberdeen Works

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