Found on the site of the old Caledonia Fireclay Works, Paisley.

The brick looks visually the same as other products from the Caledonia Brickworks. I believe this is another example of a Scottish manufactured brick being supplied to an overseas client and marked with the customer’s name.  I believe the customer was S.S. Narielwala, a general goods merchant from Bombay, India. The relevant information below shows that Narielwala did supply English fire bricks and clay to his clients in India and there are other adverts which state he is selling fire bricks but they do not state from where.


Below – 23/07/1884 – Times of India – The largest and cheapest depot of mill stores in India. Established in 1874. S.S Narielwala, Cotton Mill Furnisher, general merchant, commission agent and machinery importer. Supplier of requisites for ginning factories, railways etc.

Below – 06/08/1887 – Times of India – For sale … fire bricks and clay … S. Narielwala, Mill Furnisher, Bombay.

Below – 14/03/1888 – Times of India – For sale fire bricks and clay (English) … S.S. Narielwala, Mill Furnisher, Bombay.

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