Mossneuk Tile Works, Woodside, Beith, Ayrshire

1790 – Information from Matthew Yuill, Ayrshire is that Mossneuk Tile Works were situated on Woodside Estate. It used ‘local’ clay and got its coal from Lochriggs Coal Works on the West Bank of Kilbirnie Loch. The coal was transported by boat across the loch. This ‘Collier Boat’ belonged to the Earl of Crawfurd – 1790 Statistical Account.

1855 – 1857 – Ordnance Survey Name Book –  Mossneuk Tile Work – A Tile manufactory the property of Mr. Patrick, Trearne House, occupied by James Boyd.

Below- 1856 – Mossneuk Tile Works, Beith.

Woodside House, Beith – ….The fireclay coped boundary wall gives character to the roadside and the copes may have been produced at the Mossneuk Tile Works which, until the mid to late 19th century, were located to the south-west of the grounds.


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