Maryhill Road, Glasgow

Found by Michael Fallone in Maryhill Road, Glasgow during demolition.

Michael states – I found the same Clack 1872 bricks in the rubble of several tenements in the Maryhill Rd Glasgow area, the bricks formed a cornice just below the gutters. The bricks were laid alternately, one moulded ,one normal. The moulded ones protruded from the wall to form a small corbel, the normal ones end on, flush to the wall. This small cluster of tenements, all close to each other, are the only ones I have come across in Glasgow to feature a moulded  brick cornice instead of sandstone. They were probably constructed by the same builder and have all been demolished.

Both bricks referred to are shown below.

Clackmannan Brick And Tile Works, Clackmannan, Clackmannanshire.

Below – An unmarked shaped brick found at the same site and also believed to be a Clackmannan from the same time frame.

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