J & M Craig Kilmarnock

J & M Craig, Kilmarnock.

This large fire clay barrel is situated at Auchindrain, the township museum in Argyll near Inverary.

It has an iron band around the rim for added strength and according to tour guides, this was used for salting meat and could hold approx 1 cow or 3 sheep. It would have had a heavy wooden lid. Most salting barrels are wooden so this appears to be a rare example of a fired clay version.

J. & M. Craig Manufacturers of fire & enamelled bricks, sewerage pipes,& all kinds of sanitary & plumbers’ earthenware; works, Hillhead & Perceton Fire Clay Works, & Longpark Pottery, Kilmarnock—Alexander Murray, 98 Commerce St. S S, agent.

J & M Craig Kilmarnock (640x480)


J & M Craig Kilmarnock. (640x480)

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