Grange or Earlsferry Brickworks, Elie, Fife

Grange or Earlsferry Brickworks, Elie, Fife

I am assuming these are not the same as the Grange Farm Brickworks near Kirkcaldy or the Broomlees Brick and Tile Works, Fife

28/11/1844 – Fife Herald – Eligible situation for a new drain tile and brick manufactory to be let. The clay on the links of Grange or Earlsferry belonging to Sir John Malcolm, Baronet. In quality and extent, this clay is unsurpassed by any in the County. The bed is from 8 to 10 feet thick, width or breast from 30 – 40 yards and it extends to more than 400 yards. The super soil will be easily tirred, being composed of easy dry sand. Coal is wrought on the spot. Every encouragement will be given to a party able and disposed to set a suitable tilework going. Besides having the command of an extensive and at present unoccupied Agricultural District, the Works will be within 1/2 a mile (free of toll) of the Port and Harbour of Elie so that no Work can be better situated for pushing an export trade. For further particulars, an inquiry may be made of Mr John Keddie at Grange or Mr Thomson Paul, WS, Edinburgh.

Below – 1853 – Grange or Earlsferry Brickworks near Elie, Fife



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