Govan Forge and Steel Co Limited, Helen Steet, Govan, Glasgow

Govan Forge and Steel Limited appear to have also made their own bricks or had bricks made elsewhere and stamped with their Company name.

According to the Survey of Scottish Brickmarks, 1986, the Company operated from c.1837 – c. 1911 and that apart from the brick I have marked as ‘Govan Forge & Steel Company LIMd’, there may be another brick in existence, marked ‘Govan Forge & Steel Company LIMd Patent’.

1881 – 1882 – Govan Forge and Steel Co. (Limited), Helen Street, Govan.

Below – 27/04/1883 – The Engineer.

Govan Forge and Steel large casting

1883 – 1884 – Govan Forge and Steel Co. (Limited), makers of the heaviest class of scrap iron forgings for ships, land, and marine engines, etc.; also mild steel castings and forgings, and finished work of all descriptions; Helen Street, Govan.

29/02/1884 – Glasgow Evening Post – A meeting of shareholders of the Govan Forge and Steel Company Limited unanimously resolved that the company should be wound up voluntarily and Mr J. Wyllie Guild, C.A. was appointed as liquidator.

04/04/1884 – Glasgow Herald – Forge and Steel Works in Govan for sale. These valuable and extensive works situated between Helen Street and the railway at Govan, belonging to the Govan Forge and Steel Company Limited are now in liquidation … There are about 1 1/3 acres at the south end of the works being used as a brickworks but which can be feued. The total feu duty is £730 17s 6d per annum. The works are being carried on in the liquidation …

25/04/1884 – Glasgow Herald – Brickmaker – Contractor wanted at the Govan Forge and Steel Company Limited to take the whole contract for raising and milling, clay making and burning composition bricks at their works at Helen Street, Govan. Tenders per thousand. Apply to James Guild, C.A 65 St Vincent Street, Glasgow.

11/09/1884 – Glasgow Herald – Govan Forge – Mr Wyllie Guild, the liquidator of the Govan Forge and Steel Company appealed against the valuation of £1580 put upon the forge and buildings and £50 on an adjoining brickfield. The works were standing idle and the brickfield had been closed for several weeks. The works with tools and stores were exposed for sale last month at £25,000 and failed to find a purchaser. He claimed the valuation should be reduced to one half the sum fixed upon by the assessor. The assessor said that admitting the works to be worth £25,000, his valuation, was if anything, under the mark. Mr Guild said that even admitting that the works were likely to be set a-going, the valuation was too high. The appeal dismissed. Mr Guild found this oppressive but submitted.

1885 – 1886 – Miller, Andrew, forge manager, Govan Forge and Steel Co. (Limited). Ho, Crossloan Villa, Govan.

1886 – 1887 – Valuation appeal courts – Govan Forge and Steel Co.(Limd.), Helen St, Govan, Geo. secy. Govan Forge and Steel Co. Ltd. Helen St.

Below – 27/01/1887 – The Scotsman – Govan Forge and Steel Works with ground adjoining for sale. It is situated between Helen Street and the Glasgow and Paisley Joint Railway at Govan near Glasgow … the remainder of the property extending upwards of 1 1/2 acres has been occupied as a brickfield and from its situation, is well adapted for either dwelling houses or manufacturing or other public works.

Below – 27/06/1890 – Edinburgh Gazette – Govan Forge and Steel  – Liquidation.

Govan Forge and Steel - Edinburgh Gazette 27-06-1890





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