Found at Weir Castlecary works, Castlecary.

Note the lovely thumbprint to top right.

Unidentified maker.

Find location would suggest Scottish origins but….. in the absence of any further information I will suggest this was manufactured on site.



There are very few references to a place called Glencroy in Scotland  – there is this  -” Glencroy – (Vale of ) a wild and romantic tract near the NE extremity of Loch Loung (Long) in Argyleshire. The 2 ranges of mountains, which overhang this valley, approach each other, and between these the traveller is immured. Their stupendous height and the roaring of numerous cataracts that pour over their broken surface, produce an awful effect” (see page headed  GLI) – but this location does not shout clay or brick.

However there is a village of Croy which is approx 4.5 miles from the find location at Castlecary and it is highly likely that this brickmark is named after this village and surrounding area.

Below – 1896 OS Map of Croy near Cumbernauld. There is also a colliery here known as Nethercroy Colliery.

croy near cumbernauld



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