Found at Castlecary Fireclay & Lime Works, Castlecary (Weir)

I believe this brickmark to say GEM IRR but it may say GEM 1 RR  – also note the difference in  size and shape of the last 2 ‘R’s

Castlecary Fireclay & Lime Works, Castlecary, Stirlingshire or the Glenboig Union Fireclay Company which took over the Castlecary company and works in 1936 (Via General Refractories, Sheffield) and continued the ‘GEM’ and ‘Castlecary’ brand names.

Now then – yet again I think this mark could relate to this brick being manufactured for a foreign railway system.  See the following 2 links for similar thoughts.

South American Railway Systems

Indian Railway Systems

Below – It is very possible that IRR stands for Iraqi Republic Railways although the company only changed to this name in 1958. I would, however, favour a connection to the Indian Railway network.

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