Found in Glenboig.

I am reliably informed by members of the Glenboig community that this is a Gartverrie brick (GV). The same shortcut with regards the name us used in Garnqueen, Glenboig (GQ).

It is a poor quality cement building brick with what looks like, a high sand content. They state they were a ‘nightmare’ to build with.

I can find no record that the Gartverrie Fire Clay works manufactured building bricks. For further enquiry.

Gartverrie Fireclay Works, Glenboig.


Below – This brick is the same stamp and was found by Eddie McLean in the Glasgow area. One side and both ends appear to be textured. This may just be weather erosion or it may be a textured finish in order that it can be used as a facing brick. If a facing brick then it would not have lasted long due to the high sand content of the brick.


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