Dougall Ganister

Found Bonnyside, Bonnybridge

James Dougall & Sons Ltd, Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire

Alternative brickworks include:

  • Bonnyside Brickworks, Bonnybridge, Stirlingshire.



Harry Wilson states – The Ganister brick ceased production in the late 50s when the Ganister seam in the drift mine to the Bonnybridge clay seam ran out. It was a natural clay – Silica 73 Sio2/ 26 Al2O3 Rock which had a very low thermal expansion and high resistance to thermal shock. It was used in gas and Coke production. The main use for the rock was in  the Sheffield area where locally mined Ganister was used as a plastic ramming mass in iron cupola furnaces, crucibles and ladles Etc.

Below – This partial brick was found at Bo’ness. Note the inclusions which would appear to be part of the original ganister rock. Note also the area of buring / melting to top right.


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