Dalmeny Brickworks, Dalmeny, West Lothian

Scottish Oils Limited Brick and Tile Works, Pumpherston, West Lothian and Dalmeny Brickworks. (Note – SBH – I cannot find the Dalmeny Brickworks on any map. Any ideas where exactly they were situated at Dalmeny?).

Below – 13/11/1937 – The Scotsman – Brickworks to be established at Dalmeny.

29/01/1938 – The Scotsman – Huge shale bings in the Dalmeny and Broxburn districts, it is predicted, will shortly be utilised for the manufacture of bricks which are in great demand for housing schemes throughout Scotland. A large new factory to manufacture bricks from shale has just begun production after months of experimental work at Dalmeny, and it is estimated that the factory will soon be able to make 8000 bricks daily from the refuse shale.  The factory is situated alongside a bing formerly belonging to Scottish Oils. Ltd. The basic material for the bricks is scooped from the bing by an electrical grab, and after various processes off sifting and grinding, the rough brick is formed. Later it is dried and hardened. The new brick from shale product is of a dark red colour.

29/01/1938 – Dundee Courier – Dundee firms new enterprise – Unsightly shale bings of West Lothian are being converted into bricks for house building by a Dundee firm, Albert Thain, Ltd., joiners and builders, 76 High Street. The district where this operation is taking place is that of Dalmeny and Broxburn and a factory is now producing bricks at the rate of several thousand a week. Production is expected to increase in the near future. A few thousand are brought to Dundee each week for Messrs Thain’s own use. Material for the bricks is scooped from the bing by an electrical grab and after various processes of sifting and grinding the rough brick is formed, dried and hardened. It is of a red colour. This manufacturing enterprise is the result of months of experimental work.

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